Bruins Game 4 Preview

 By Ryan Whitfield

The Bruins are coming off their first win in the Bel Center this year heading into Game 4, however, tonight there is still a ton of pressure. When you fall to 0-2 in a 7 game series every game, unless you go up 3-2, becomes a must win. Tonight is huge and the Bruins NEED to show up big time.

 Heading into this series it was all about the rivalry, the Chara hit, the Blood bath at the Garden back in March, and yet that now all seems irrelevant. Tonight’s game has all it’s own story lines. For starters a win will be huge for a multiple of reason in this series. The first and foremost is taking home ice advantage back after easily coughing it up to start the series. Also, it will give us a huge momentum swing heading back to the Garden. The last time the Bruins left it looked as though they might not return until the Fall. If they tie the series up, then The Garden will be rocking so loud for Game 5 the Tobin might collapse. But most importantly, the Bruins need this win to win the series. I am a bias Boston sports fan and I won’t hide that. But when the truth is too glaring to ignore not even my bias can overcome it. This Bruin’s core and Claude historically SUCK in Game 7. We saw it the last three years. Two of those years the B’s battled back from down 3-1 and lost in Game 7, including to Montreal in ’08.

The other story is the job security for so many people in this organization. If they lose this series, Claude, Chiarelli, and some of this core will be gone for next year, in Neely I believe. So all of these men, need to go out there and do what they can to retain there jobs.

Lastly 3 things need to happen. The Regular season Tim Thomas needs to show up in the post season for the first time in his career. Thomas Kaberle and the power play need to come alive. And all this b.s. about North South hockey needs to be gone because we don’t have those skill players. We need to be physical, play tough in front of the net, and win every battle on the boards. If we can do these things, then well see you at the Garden for Game 5 tied up at 2 a peice.

So what is your perdiction for tonight?

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