Local Spotlight- And Then There Were None

By Ryan Whitfield

When I first heard ATTWN I was a senior in high school and obsessed with bands like As I lay Dying and It Dies Today. ATTWN were a local band playing metal that belonged on stage with acts like the two I just mentioned. In my last high school band we got the chance to open for ATTWN in Peterborough NH. I remember being more than ecstatic as the show approached. When they took the stage, I was not disappointed. The band unleashed a brutal assault to one of the smallest crowds they had probably played to in years. After their set, me and my band mates bought up t-shirts, EP’s, and hoodies like a bunch of groupies. To be fair though in NH in 2007 You were a fan of ATTWN, Mercutio or Our Last Night, and for us And Then There Were None was it.

Over the next six months I listened to my ATTWN CD on a weekly basis. Then after a while I decided to go to the bands myspace, you know it’s an outdated story when myspace is referenced, and see when they would be releasing new music. You can imagine my joy when I saw a new track had been posted, and my shock when I hit play and found out ATTWN had gone techno. After the initial shock however, I realized something, I loved their techno songs too. Point being ATTWN are fantastic song writers, and no matter what genre they are in they straight murder it. So I’m taking to give the pride of NH, in my mind at least, a Facebook and video plug on here. So go ahead and check em out, and if you ever need recording check out the studio they run, Vital Studios.

And Just again to brag about the NH band they are signed to Tooth and Nail records so also check them out on the label site as well!


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