The End of America

by Zack Howland

I wanted to take a little time to give a very loud shout out to The End of America, a trio made up by veteran artists Brendon Thomas (Foreverinmotion), Trevor Leonard (Triangle Shirt Factory), and James Downes (Call It Arson). All three have had exceptional careers within their individual musical projects, but the music they write together is well…fantastic, beautiful, heart breaking, fill-in-your-own-adjective-here. The trio have released their first album, which they recorded in upstate New York. The great thing about this album is that it’s not an entirely new sound for any of them…rather it’s three individual sounds harmonizing, I would say, perfectly. Although they may not sound exactly like CSNY, that’s pretty much the only project I could say comes close to sounding like these guys, specifically the album Deja Vu. That may be a bias on my part obviously, but it’s hard to pin them down to sounding like a specific band; they pretty much have a sound their own. So lend The End of America your ear, give a listen, cry, smile, do what you will, but listen.

Click here to visit The End of America online!

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