Celtics 2010-2011 Season Wrap-Up

By: Brandon Gilson

Alright, so I admit…I’m a little late on this post, but I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact the Celtics season is over.  This post will recap all the happenings from Wednesday night to today (Sunday May 15). Although their season ended too soon, I have optimism moving forward. Last Wednesday night, the Miami Heat closed out the Boston Celtics (97-87) finishing out the series 4-1. It’s very unfortunate the Celtics could get only ONE GAME(Game 3 at home) during this whole series.Game 5 last Wed night was a close one….until the fourth quarter. The Heat somehow finished off the quarter with a 16-0 run. That still boggles me and runs through my mind constantly. The C’s were up by 6 with 4:15 to go and were not able to finish. They missed easy sots and had numerous (crucial) turnovers. LeBron James was clutch when it counted and had five three pointers at key points during the game.

I had all the faith in the world when KG came out so strong, but eventually burned out. He scored 12 of his 15 pts in the first quarter.

PP struggled with foul trouble all night and it all started with a dumb foul on LBJ (on a breakaway) in the first quarter.

You could see in Rondo’s eyes that he was struggling and had pain throughout the whole game. His back was bothering him more than his elbow. (During postgame, Mike Gorman had reported that Rondo would have been out for six to eight weeks with the elbow injury had this happened in the regular season) I want to give prop’s to Delonte West for stepping up big when his number was called. BRING THIS GUY BACK!!!

The bright side ( if there is one)…Doc Rivers is coming back. Not only is he coming back, he’s here for good. He signed a contract that’s worth nearly $35 million over the span of five years. (Not going to lie, this surprised me entirely, didn’t see this one coming, with his son going to Duke and all..)

Sources report that Lawrence Frank is a finalist for the head coaching position over in Houston for the Rockets.

(Had to throw this in here)

Jermaine O’Neal is going to have surgery on his right wrist. Danny Ainge said it was “some serious surgery” and that he injured it during game Game 1 of the Knicks series. JO was a tough-son-of-a gun. Nobody thought he would help us, but what he brought to the table during our post season run was invaluable. (Considering what Shaq gave us..)

The Celtics biggest question mark going into the summer is the center position. Speaking of Shaq, he is most likely done here in Boston (and for the NBA…) All we have is Nenad Krstic and J.O. A name that C’s fans have been throwing around is Nene, Denver’s big man and Dwight Howard, the Center for Orlando… (feelin’ the photo?)

As you all may know, a lockout in the NBA looms, and theres a question being tossed around…”Could a lockout benefit the Celtics?”

A lot of us think a shorter season would be beneficial to the C’s. 50 games instead of 82 games works in the C’s favor…right? Well, that 50 game schedule would most likely be composed of 3 games-in-a-row stretches(which would kill the C’s!)

Your thoughts?

This summer can be considered the “Summer of Uncertainty”… Only 8 players are under contract for the Celtics.

Those players consist of:

KG, $21.2 million
PP, $15.3 million
RONDO, $10 million
R.ALLEN, $10 million
JO, $6.2 million
JEFF GREEN, $5.9 million
BRADLEY, $1.5 million
SHAQ, $1.4 million
Total salaries: $65.8 million

Assuming that the eight players make up  the core of our next year’s team, Boston is already over the roughly $58 million salary cap that existed this season, meaning our hands are tied in its eligibility to add its roster.

So the question remains…do the Celtics build around who they have right NOW(the “BIG THREE”)…or do they blow up the team and start the rebuilding stage?

The last thing I want to see is LeBron win a ring, so please…Dallas, Chicago, or Oklahoma City, please BEAT THEM!

I hope all the readers enjoyed my posts and blogs about the Celtics and encourage you all to check back over the summer for offseason moves, transactions and happenings!

Our quest to Banner 18 starts in only 5 months…lets get ready for a big season! C’s!

3 Responses to “Celtics 2010-2011 Season Wrap-Up”
  1. Derek Nichols says:

    One more shot next year with the big three. In 2012 there is a much better FA crop and the Celts should have a decent amount of cap space with only Rondo (3 yrs left), Pierce (2 yrs left), Green (who they will most likely sign for a few more yrs), and Doc (4 yrs left) for the rebuild.

  2. Justin says:

    Superman? In green? I am definitely feeling it.

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