Bruins Force Game 7, One Game Will Decide it All

By Ryan Whitfield

It’s like Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde this series. At Home the Bruin’s have beaten down Van 17-3. In Vancouver we have lost 5-2. And now we head back to Canada for a decisive Game 7. And as I’ve tried to do this post season I am staying positive, the Bruins will take Game 7.

There is too much heart, too much fight, and enough talent in this team. I have complete faith that we will get an early goal and the Bruins will tee off on Lungo tomorrow night. An early goal will change this game in favor of the Bruins. It’s the last night of the season, everything will be left out on the ice, which is why I see no chance that they will be out hit like the other three games in Vancouver.

There are three players that will be key tomorrow. One, and most obvious, is Tim Thomas. Secondly is Brad Marchand. When he goes this team goes. Vancouver hates him, and if he scores early they will be sick to their stomachs. Lastly, Lucic is key tomorrow. He has struggled this post season which just five goals. But, historically and this post-season he elevates his game when the Bruin’s have a chance to close out a series and i expect more of the same tomorrow. All in all, I’m predicting a 2-0 Bruin’s win. This is our year, we are bringing home the cup. Boston will be insane tomorrow and I can’t even wait. LETS GO BRUINS!


One Response to “Bruins Force Game 7, One Game Will Decide it All”
  1. cherelle reason says:

    Not a big hockey fan..BUT can’t help be excited for a team that hasn’t won Stanley Cup in YEARS! And I want a parade!…Good Luck Bruins!

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