Farewell, Dreamer; Pushing The Envelope of Hardcore

By Ryan Whitfield

Man, Farewell, Dreamer is one of the best Bands in Boston right now. These guys really blind sided me tonight. I went to their Facebook page to check them out and was instantly pessimistic. Their Profile pic was a basic dark, angry one and then their graphic on their music player was a tad bit cheesy. I then clicked on their first track “Open Your Eyes” and was pretty pleased. At the beginning it sounded like a real solid track that was definitely in the area of progressive hardcore. The first two comparisons to pop in my head were Chiodos and Coheed and Cambria. And this is a loose comparison based off of the metal/hardcore style music with the rare high pitched vocals. However what hit about thirty seconds in I was almost unprepared for.

The music intensified and then came the two distinctly screams which work so well with each other. The song was further disrupted by a barrage of odd starts and stops and overall unusual composition. Any one who was there when The Devil Wears Prada first broke into the scene will feel the same rush from then when you listen to Farewell, Dreamer for the first time. It is controlled Chaos, beautiful calamity, and just a fun time. All of the other songs carried the same style but each song has a life of it’s own.

What you have is a unique sound, and an entertaining one. These guys are the necessary combination of great musicians and great song writers. They are just fantastic. Easily one of the funnest and best bands in Boston right now. Make sure you go check them out on Facebook by CLICKING HERE. Like their page and spread it around!

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