Bruins Let Ryder Walk and Pick Up Pouliot; Somewhere Jacks Edwards is Fuming

By Ryan Whitfield

If you followed my Bruins articles during the year this season you know that I am not the world’s biggest Michael Ryder fan. I think he is a talented player, with a sniper like shot, but he only turns it on when he wants to. With that being said he did 40+ points this season and another 17 in the post season. What we essentially did is swap Ryder for Pouliot who ressembles so much of whats wrong with with Montreal. He is a talented player who has never lived up to it. He’s a diver and a borderline dirty player. My initial reaction was to think back to the eye test. I thought back to the first round series and I could remember Ryder’s big game 3 and the glove save. I could remember his impact. Then I thought about Pouliots and I knew I should remember him for something but couldn’t. So I did my research and found that he was the one in Game 3 who took the cheap shot on Boychuck and then got his head “Ripped Off” by Ferrence, and his life ripped apart by Jack Edwards. As a good blogger/ journalist/ writer I continued my research. To add the eye test I found that last year was a career season for Pouliot. He had 30 points with 17 assists and 13 goals. It will be very difficult to ruit for this man next year, I don’t see anyway he contributes anything noticeable, which to me means that Seguin will be pushed harder since he will be the only pure shooter on the team next year. I’ll save my definitive opinion on Pouliot until I see a full years worth of play, but until then I am inclined to agree with Jack that this man is a chump.

On a side note, I am still having a hard time letting go of this great year like the dumbed one in a bad break up. I watched montages this afternoon and still I tear up. I need the Pat’s Season to start soon!

One Response to “Bruins Let Ryder Walk and Pick Up Pouliot; Somewhere Jacks Edwards is Fuming”
  1. He’s a great post season player, but he hot dogs it during the regular season which is a huge reason they let him go. However, replacing him with Pouliot is a huge down grade.

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