Local Rock Act of The Week: Last Valour

By Ryan Whitfield

The guys from Last Valour have not created the best music or best music quality of the artists I have reviewed over the past few years. However, the band hailing from Dracut MA has a certain it factor that other bands tend to lack. For starters the guys sing a refreshing amount of the time, which gives them a more favorable commercial appeal. Also they use the From Autumn To Ashes trick of fast paced, high pitched verses, with big sounding vocals. Also they both share the ability to blur the lines of post-hardcore and post-emo.

One of the things I considered a weakness when listening to the band was the production quality. This is not a knock on the band, I just prefer a heavier bass end that really brings the rhythm section the forefront, makes the snares sound less tight, and gives a more atmospheric sound to the cymbals. In addition it’s almost a compliment because despite the fact that I do not like the production I still fell in love with this bands music. In their song Be[lie]ve this almost an oriental introduction that is unlike anything I have ever heard before. Their creativity is on point and gutsy. The singing vocals on both tracks are equally impressive. With the use of autotune and the increased popularity in all screaming, or multiple screamer bands has almost drowned out place for great singers in this scene. One thing is clear, Last Valour may just save post-hardcore and post-emo by the time they are done.

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6 Responses to “Local Rock Act of The Week: Last Valour”
  1. Basypoo says:

    Teehee, Last Valour is one of my favorite New England bands! Glad to see they’re taking a rightful place beside Spirit Bear, Rumors of Betrayal and all the other great bands on this site. (:

  2. D.S. says:

    Love them!

  3. sonia curtz says:

    your music is grate

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