Local Band Capitals: Hardcore From Your Local Show To This Years Warped Tour

By Ryan Whitfield

There are very few bands that play the style of hardcore that Capitals from Chicopee MA does. The idea of being fast paced and agressive, yet melodic and layered is a small niche. Bands like Comeback Kid and Bane have made careers off of it, and soon Capitals will too. The guys are a brutal bunch, yet have the fortune of having a vocalist who can scream, yell and sing simultaneously. I defend to this day that people who say screaming music has no talent vocally are idiots. It is a hard skill that only few do well. When you can layer that sound by hitting melodies while screaming, well thats beat boxing for hardcore kids.

Capitals are a great band, who write awesome songs. According to their Facebook (visit HERE) the guys are recording a new EP. In addition the band will be playing Warped Tour when it comes to Mansfield this summer, or a week rather. I strongly encourage all of you to go and definitely check them out on Facebook. They have not invented this sound, but they are the best at it in New England that I have heard anyways.

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