Rap Goes Acoustic (New Weekly Segment)

By Ryan Whitfield

So every Wednesday I’m going to attempt to fine the best five videos of people covering rap songs acoustically and give them a quick plug. So here we go.

Mr. SamsonD- Wiz Khalifa “Roll Up”. This kid is definitely nerdy, but in a funny enough way it’s not dumb. And lets be honest here the Kid straight killed it, it sounded different enough that you give him credit, while still sounding like the song. Great cover.

Karmin Music- Tinie Tempah “Written In The Stars”. Okay, I understand this isn’t quite an acoustic track, but piano’s count. The remix music in the verses, her flow, and their singing. Just perfect. What an insane cover.

Zach Majors- T-Pain Ft. Chris Brown “The Best Love Song”. Initially his voice threw me off. However, after a few seconds I realized he is just extremely talented. Easily the best acoustic cover out there for this song right now.

Doorroomvideos- T-Pain Ft. Chris Brown “The Best Love Song”. Not quite as good as the one above but still a real good cover. THe kid not playing guitar is clearly the better singer, but they both feed off of each other and sound great together!

CallingMilton- Diddy Dirty Money “Coming Home”. First off, I enjoy that he says in the beginning that he can’t rap, which I guess implies he may be the only person who thinks Diddy can rap. Secondly great mashup with “Watcha Say” by Jason Derulo. And the kid can flat out sing.

Escapethearmada- Jason Derulo “In My Head”. Since I did to groups of the same song I figured I’d throw in a 6th video. These guys, like the first one, are nerds, and make some awful jokes to start. But this a great version, and the singer has a real powerful and soulful voice for such a tiny kid.

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