Keene NH Act Cherry Hill: Up and Coming Band

By Ryan Whitfield

For whatever reason, I have always been a fan of the music the Matt Pro has been a part of, and Cherry Hill is no different. Cherry Hill is an interesting band, but nevertheless they are extremely entertaining and they are good. At times they sound heavy like all the other hardcore bands out there and then with a track like “Vertabrae” you would think you were listening to Matchbook Romance or bands off of Drive Thru Records from back in the day. Again however, the undeniable truth is how entertaining they are.

They are the type of band where you cannot put your finger on the reason you may like them, but you do. The singing is so nasally that it’s fantastic, i.e. Tom Delonge. In addition the guys are phenomenal musicians and great song writers. Still something seems sophomoric about the whole sound, and I think that is the fun part. They remind almost of The Used’s self title debut, they could be playing Ozz Fest with their sound or they could be playing as a co-headliner to Senses Fail.Either way I am a fan and you guys should be too. Check the guys out on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

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