RomeoVersusJuliet: Bringing Mayhem To The Boston Hardcore Scene

By Ryan Whitfield

Heavy screams, heavy low end, meaty guitar riffs, and the contrasting high pitched second screamer makes for one of the best hardcore bands in Boston. When you hear a band like this you just can’t help but smile at the sound that is chaos and yet structured at the same time. As an ex guitarist I may tend to focus on the guitars more than others but i love the atmospheric lead guitar accompanied by the deep, and rich rhythm guitar. The bass and drum production is alos on point making fro a great complete sound.

This band took me by surprise mainly because of their name. All of the bands referencing this Shakespeare play have been emo/ post-emo bands, at least in my experience. So when the first song kicked in I was blown away. And underrated key to this band most will overlook is the great vocals. The singer wont win American Idol, but maybe would have a shot in the hardcore version. My point being that the kid has a great singing voice especially for the music these guys play, reminds me of Nick from It Die’s Today’s glory days.

Now I’ll let you be the judge, check the guys out on Facebook by CLICKING HERE. Let them know what you think, like them and spread it to your friends.

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One Response to “RomeoVersusJuliet: Bringing Mayhem To The Boston Hardcore Scene”
  1. Steve Van Geyte says:

    thanks for kind words my bro. – Steve Van Geyte (kid on the far left)

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