Upon This Fateful Hour: Rockstar Hardcore

By Ryan Whitfield

Easily in my top 5 New England Bands not on the RME team as of the last five minutes. As I was bouncing around band profiles on Facebook I came across this band and was skeptical when I saw there top few posts were tags and they had less then 500 likes. Well those two facts mean nothing cause these guys make great f-ing music.hard and agressive and then sweet and sultry. All this is done in a way that makes you think Motley Cru and Norma Jean met at a bar and had a child. These guys are epic and all I can picture is them playing shows and then going back to their hotel partying til 7am, wrecking the room until 8am and then checking out. If you haven’t heard them yet, get with it and CLICK HERE.

P.S. Should I stretch myself further and try and get these guys on the RME team? Comment and let me know.

Twitter- @RyanWhitfieldRM

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