Kate Middleton is Not the Queen of Style

The only reason I kind of like her is because she resembles Charlotte from Sex in the City. Photo credit: Google Images

Royalty = Fashion Icon?

A year ago, I didn’t even know who Kate Middleton was.Yesterday on Good Morning America, they actually dedicated an entire segment to talking about her “beyond chic” style. Now, don’t get me wrong- as a true fashion lover, I do enjoy seeing the outrageous outfits that grace the red carpet, after-parties and stages for the awards ceremonies throughout the year but KATE MIDDLETON?

Kate, who now holds title of Duchess of Cambridge is now a fashion icon? She wears solid colored shirt dresses with pricey heels and we call this fashion? Each of her dresses are cut almost exactly the same: High, modest boat-neck, 3/4 sleeve and falls to the knee. The craziest color I’ve seen her wear was a mint green which the crowds raved over.

Don’t get me wrong. She is always pulled together, hair done just so, natural makeup and bearing a big white smile but none of this is takes me to a place of labeling her a “Fashion Icon.” Her looks are safe, conservative and barely age appropriate. It’s not that I think she should be pushing the fashion envelope given her role in society, but I whole-heartedly disagree with her position on Best-Dressed lists and the awards she’s been given for fashion choices.

All looks have a really conservative look to them, not indicative of style in my opinion.Photo Credit: Fame Pictures,Inc.

I MUST be missing what all of the hype is about. First of all, she’s a duchess in England not the United States so why are we watching her like a hawk? Additionally, it’s one thing to be a public figure but this has someone granted every female into the fashion hall of fame. Just because these women can afford a daily wardrobe, hair and makeup team doesn’t make them fashion icons. This is not style, this is having the money to dress conservatively while still sporting large designer names.

While I love the silhouette of this jacket, where's the COLOR? Photo credit: Google Images

The Takeaway: I think she’s well-kept and coiffed. She’s sleek and conservative. She’s NOT a fashion icon. She’s not taking risks, or even picking out her own outfits for that matter.  I’d prefer the women who can’t wait to see which neutral shade she’s going to wear out next would develop their own sense of style instead of mocking the Duchess of Cambridge.

Long live TRUE fashion!!

With style, flair, and ingenunity,

Elisa 549 Bronstein

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