Dead Ocean, NH Metal At It’s Finest

By Ryan Whitfield

Dead Ocean is an intense fast paced metal band that uses a lot of hardcore aspects to make a great quality product. The songs are well written, well put together and well produced. My problem with demo’s is that they should never be released to the public. You only get one chance at a first impression. With that being said, Dead Ocean has the best production on their two demo tracks that I’ve ever seen. When I see Demo written I think of low budget recording, such is not the case here.

As for the music Dead Ocean doesn’t do anything glaringly different but have managed to escape the dreadful generic title. The guys bring fast paced metal with hardcore chants and bridges. The dark melodies, and overall energy of the music is truly fantastic. As far as the technical aspect they aren’t a band that focuses on individual talent showcases, instead they are a team band, that just works to put out great songs that sound great as a whole. Check the boys out on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

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