Mike McKenzie Drops New Track: “Let Me Do That (Swaggie)”

By Ryan Whitfield

Wow. What an epic track, my jaw is still hanging on the ground. Mike McKenzie definitely went next level on em on this track. We here at RME are watching the growth of a rising start. FIrst off the chorus is his best hook yet. Secondly he made a track that has a ton of commercial appeal but McKenzie kept his East Coast styled lyricism. On the whole, your boy is beginning to really carve his name and style and name into the game. I haven’t heard a track like this in the local scene yet, and you won’t either. My man is starting to live that “The Future is Here” slogan. On a side not the man still has hardly any likes on Facebook, lets all work to fix that. CLICK HERE to keep up on a rising star, like his page, and spread it to all your friends.

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