Warped Tour Recap Part 1

By Ryan Whitfield

Throughout this next week we will be recapping the day team RME spent at Warped Tour this past Wednesday. We are in the process of uploading all of the videos/photos as we speak so this will be a brief article that will be followed by more in depth and visual analysis. Juvone and myself worked the tent for AP Magazine while Nate and Toby roamed around as general ticket holders checking out the current scene and watching the local stage very closely. From Nate and Toby I was informed that Capitals was fantastic live. They had a great sound and owned the stage. They were also extremely accesible as they chatted with Nate and Toby for a while after their set.

Juvone and myself caught Rumors early in the day. A more in depth analysis will follow this week with all of the pics and videos we took. However, I will tell you now that Rumors was incredible. My first time seeing the guys live was unforgettable. Due to the early time slot they suffered from a lower attendance than later in the day, regardless they worked the crowd and everyone who passed by stayed to watch. Make sure you head over to their Facebook to congratulate the guys on their opportunity and performance. And keep your eyes open for the rest of the articles to follow.

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