Anchorlines “Choices” EP

By Ryan Whitfield

So on my way into Warped Tour last week in Mansfield myself and Juvone happened to bump into Jeff Higgins, the lead singer of Anchorlines. With that random meeting I finally was able to retain my copy of their EP “Choices”. I was very excited and not let down. This E.P. brings it hard, and brings some epic sounding songs. I am constantly impressed by the great singing vocals these guys have. The screams are clear as well, and you can truly hear every lyric. Personally, “Choices” the track, is still my favorite. It’s an epic song and just a blast to listen too.

From the intro “Open Fire” you are drawn in. There is nothing like a good quick intro track to bring the reader in, like a catchy headline. From their it’s just about a half hour of fun. One of the strongest points of this EP was Anchorlines ability to a have a cohesiveness on the album but also being able to differentiate the songs enough that it’s not monotonous to listen too. With all of this said, it’s album you need to hear. And to be honest while sounding cocky, the releases from our artists this summer, have been the best in the local scene in years. And the fun is not over, as Caulfield will soon be releasing a new album as well. Check out Anchorlines on Facebook CLICKING HERE and find out how to get a copy.  

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