Local Rock Act Of The Week: Between Now and Forever

By Ryan Whitfield

While Juvone and i worked the AP tent last week at Warped Tour, Nate and Toby visited throughout the day and we talked about the artists we had seen and the one’s performing on the main stage in front of us. While D.R.U.G.S. performed I discussed an idea with Nate that I thought singing was a dying art in the scene. Growing up most bands I listened to had a singer and a screamer, now it seems like all the bands just have two screamers. Between Now and Forever though, still thinks singing can be used in a band that is playing hardcore, and i love it. These guys do not need the generic auto tune sound either. They can sing, scream and chant with the best of them.

The combination of all three creates for a sound that reminds you why you began to listen to hardcore in the first place. The songs sound like war songs for a brother hood you are now a part of. These guys have an it factor, and it’s so refreshing to hear. You can scream along with them, shout, or sing your fucking heart out. They create the type of melodies that bring you to another world while you’re listening. It’s the kind of music you listen to in your car and ten minutes later you realize you don’t even know how you got to where you are. It’s magical in a sense, and yet it’s still heavy in the balls department. This is one of the best bands we have featured in this segment yet, so you need to check them out. They hail from parts of Vermont and NY so make sure you keep up with them and go check them out at a live show soon! Check the guys out on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.


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