Sox Continue To Cruise Despite The Injury Bug.

By Ryan Whitfield

We have been so busy with everything new going on here we failed to launch our Red Sox blog. I am going to start, with this upcoming week, doing our Sunday Night Baseball Red Sox Article. However, for this week I will do it today. The Sox have come out firing after the all start break taking 3 of the first 4. That stretch includes a 1-0 16 inning victory on Sunday Night followed by a 15-10 victory last night. The guys continue to show they can win in anyway possible. The Sox have now won 7 straight against their divisional opponents The Orioles, and overall 27-11 against the A.L. East.

A key factor this year, for the number one offensive team in Baseball, is that they have been getting production from so many different players. First and foremost Adrian Gonzalez has been an absolute stud. You also can’t underestimate the production from Ellsbury as well as he has been a huge factor. I’ve heard my share of complaints about Youkilis despite the fact that he is 4 in RBI’s in The A.L. this year. Recently Pedroia has been more than on fire. And lets not forget the big man Papi. He is having a great year, and this offense is firing on all cylinders. In this half of the season I really expect Crawford to turn it around. I’ve been rooting for him more than anyone, I want to see him succede here so bad. Lastly, I like JJ Redick. I’ve heard some people call him a 4th outfielder at best that just happens to be on a hot streak, but I disagree. I think he can be a solid right fielder, he wont be a star but will be far more consistent in performance and effort than Nancy Drew out there.

The pitching has been a key factor this year and a huge surprise to myself. Everyone crowned this the best team ever before the season started, but I was extremely worried about this rotation. Buckholtz will be solid i believe once he’s back. We knew what we’d get with Lester, and he hasn’t let us down. Beckett has returned with his velocity and his overall game. Dice-k is addition by subtraction if you ask me. Lackey has been consistant of what I expected from him. I understand he won 14 games last year but he also won 12 of those in games where the Red Sox scored 7 or more runs. Between Aceves, Wakefield, Miller I’m confident. Papelbon has been a key factor this year as well. His ERA is a 3.96 and he has a whip of 1.19. But he’s a closer and this year he has a 95% save percentage which is the only thing that really matters.

Overall this has been an odd year for the sox. For the most part, they have either been on a huge win streak or loss streak. To really begin to build the gap in AL East for them, I would like to see the Sox still win the majority of their games in their next “cold” streak and then get back on a hot streak. I think they will take the division, but will need to be healthy if they want to get to the Series and beat the Phillies with the staff they have.

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