Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 MLB Players Most Likely To Be Traded At The Deadline

By Victor Olowojoba / @BIGVic978

10. Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera is having a solid season as the Kansas City Royals centerfielder with a .294 batting average 11 homers 53 runs batted in and 14 stolen bases at the all star break. The Royals have plenty of  young talent in their farm system that will be getting called up soon and can use Cabrera as a trade piece in a deal to get some pitching. Cabrera can bring great speed at the top of the lineup as well as solid defense to any team that is willing to grab him.

9. Ryan Ludwick

Ludwick is one of the many players on the Padres that is available to be traded. The Padres are out of contention which means they will be having a firesale. Ludwick will garner a lot of interest from teams contending for a playoff spot because he is a power hitting veteran that can be inserted into the middle of most lineups in baseball. Although he is batting .238, he has been able to hit 11 home runs in pitcher friendly Petco Park  and drive in 58 runs on a very bad offensive Padres team this year. With a better lineup and a change of scenary, Ludwick’s numbers should see an increase.

8. Hunter Pence

.318 average 11 home runs 61 rbis 24 doubles 117 hits 7 stolen bases. Usually a player with those numbers at the all star break is not speculated to be traded. Fortunately for 29 MLB teams, Hunter Pence has been the subject of many trade rumors. This is the classic case of star player on a very bad team. The Astros are not going to be competing for a playoff spot anytime soon, so Houston is listening to offeres for its players. To get Pence a team is going to have to give up alot but the 2-time all star may be worth the cost.

7. Aramis Ramirez

A-Ram started off the season as one of the worst 3rd baseman in baseball and seemed stuck in a 2 month long slump at the plate. As the weather got hot, so did Ramirez hitting .296 with 8 homers and 21 rbis in the month of June. As of now he is sitting on 17 homers and 58 rbis with a respectable .300 average and is looking like major trade bait. He is in his 9th year with the Cubs and if a team offered the right deal would be his last.

6. Jesus Montero

Montero is not yet in the Majors yet but has been one of the most talked about prospects in baseball this year. Many teams have contacted the yankees for his services as they continue to hesitate to bring him up. There have been rumors that he has attitude and weight issues, but that doesnt take away the fact that the kid can straight hit the cover off the ball. It is only a matter of time Montero gets the call to the big leagues, but dont be suprised if it isn’t with the Yankees.

5. Brett Myers

Brett Myers finished 14-8 with a 3.18 era last year and the Astros thought they may have found their ace. This year Myers has struggled with location and the long ball as he is 3-10 with a 4.86 era. While run support in Houston is a factor, most of the blame does go on Myers. He is almost guarenteed to go at least 6 innings in every start and with some run support and a chance on a playoff team, may start looking like the 2010 myers more than the 2011.

4. Michael Cuddyer

Cuddyer’s main value is the fact that he is very versatile. He plays multiple positions and can do just about everything for your team. He can bring play0ff experience and veteran leadership to any team. You can put him at first base, second base, third base, or at either of the corner outfield positions. Any team that is looking for some offense in the middle of the lineup should look to make a deal for Cuddyer.

3. Josh Willingham

Willingham has played for the Marlins, Nationals and the Athletics and has produced on every team. He continues to put up numbers even though he hasn’t been a definite starter for a team. With at bats, Willingham can hit 25-30 home runs and possibly drive in 100 runs. A playoff contending team like the Phillies that need a power right hitting outfielder should look to make a deal for Willingham.

2. Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran has had a great comeback year so far and he has become a great trade piece for the Mets. He is batting .287 with 14 homers and 59 rbis. Those are great numbers coming from Beltran who has had a very dissapointing last 2 seasons with the Mets. His contract is up after this year and he is giving other teams a good reason to go pick him up. He has helped carry the MEts with the absences of David Wright and Ike Davis and will most likely be wearing a new jersey come July 31st.

1. Heath Bell

Heath Bell has been one of the games best closers these last couple of seasons all while being on the lowly Padres. During the last 2 and a half seasons, Bell has averaged 40 saves. He has already stated that he would not mind being a setup man for a playoff contending team and that would mean trouble for all other teams if he was to become a setup man. The Padres are in full rebuilding mode and will not hesitate to move Bell for young talent. I would be very suprised if he was not traded at the deadline as this has been expected all year. Expect Heath Bell to be on a new team very soon.

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