Warped Tour Final Recap

By Ryan Whitfield

As we began to go over last week Team RME was out at Warped Tour last Wednesday in Mansfield. It was a great day which included meeting A Day To Remember, Simple Plan, and Set Your Goals at the AP tent. However, the highlight and the purpose of this article is to fully talk about the Rumors of Betrayal set. ROB was insane, and will rock crowds as they continue on in their careers. As we talked about last time they definitely didn’t benefit from having such an early set. But from controversy comes the opportunity to prove yourself. And thats what ROB did for me last Wednesday. Often times when the crowd doesn’t turn out to be as big as they want they go into a shell, sulk, or act pissy. Not Rumors, these guys performed and controlled the crowd like they were performing in an arena, or just on the main stage. These guys were fantastic, and connected well with the audience. Make sure you go check them out soon. And check out our last Warped Tour recap by CLICKING HERE. Check out Rumor’s on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

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