Vermont’s Listen To The Sky; Agressive Pop-Rock

By Ryan Whitfield

I have not had the fortune of listening to this band until today. This is one of the best bands out of New England that I have ever heard. When you think about Pop punk with a female lead singer you usually think of commercials songs that are driven by the strong vocals of the front woman. While Kelsey, Listen To The Sky’s lead singer, does have a great voice that is a major part of their sound, the band possesses something most pop rock/ pop punk bands don’t have, a toughness. The attitude in Kelsey’s voice is fantastic. However the heavy bass and drum work with some meaty riffs and meaty guitar tones gives this band a commercial appeal and a toughness that’ll draw in fans of heavier music.

As I like to talk about a lot here on the site, this band too has an it factor. So many people underestimate the importance of having this. There are a lot of great musicians and great song writers out there. Bands like this have both of those qualities plus some intangible quality that draws you in. Lastly if you are a fan of quality production then this band will not disappoint you on that level either. Check the band out on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

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