Boston Rapper Moufy On The Rise

By Ryan Whitfield

Moufy is literally everywhere right now. I can’t go on Facebook with out seeing his songs, videos, and shows reposted by everyone. Hell, I can’t even escape him on Barstool. The kid has a voice unlike any one I can remember. And if you ask me you can’t help but like it. Basically Moufy is Boston’s Drake, and i don’t see how he isn’t signed in the next year. I recently I saw Moufy’s video for his track “Miss Newton”. The song and video are a narrative of a upper middle class suburban girl dealing with inner demons who eventually ruins her life due to alcohol and takes her life. The song and video proves the social consciousness of this rapper, and yet a track like “Pick It Up” and “Boston Lights” show that he can have the whole club bouncing, especially in the Bean.

Moufy isn’t slowing down either. His upcoming tape titled “Boston Lights” is set to drop on August 9th, and should be a great tape for Moufy and for this whole City to be proud of. After that he will be headlining the Middle East Down Stairs. Aside from that you can’t name a local paper that hasn’t done an article on him. Make sure you all good add Moufy on Facebook and spread the word on a great local talent.

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