Why Lady Gaga Is The Mainstream Marilyn Manson

By Ryan Whitfield

Personally, I have always had an obsession with power, and those who have it. This is why I love history and studying people like Hitler and Mussolini, not that I condone the travesties they committed, I’m purely talking about their success and power. So when i was an 17 year old wearing all black with painted nails and eye liner, it’s natural I was obsessed with Marilyn Manson. I loved his music, and still do, but that only scratched the service. I first became more into him when i bought his DVD and watched him command a crowd of at least ten thousand like a ravenous mob looking for revolution. After this I read his auto-biography on his beginnings and the transformation he went through to become the entertainer he is today. The shocking thing is that he is incredibly intelligent and eloquent. This surprise makes his book one of the most fascinating books and is a must read. The other part of this book that I can’t help but love is because though he will never say it, he knows his fans are white trash idiots, and he knows he’s smarter than them. He slides in his social agenda in his music but covers it with shock and violence to rile up his fans. It essence he is a Marketing genius. A major point to his music and message is to point out the hypocrisy and wrongs in society. In his band all members go buy the first name of a famous female celebrity and a famous serial killer, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson in his case. The point is to show wether you act and hang with presidents or kill for fun, America will make you famous. This brings me to the comparison I made in the title above.Marilyn Manson makes dark music, though it is essentially pop but Lady Gaga makes more commercial music. Because of this people would rather compare her to Madonna because they both sold shock, and this couldn’t be less accurate.

Madonna did sell shock, but her shock came as a slutty girl rolling around on a floor. She was just a sex icon who was open about it. She didn’t wear Meat dresses or parade around in fetish costumes. People are afraid to admit the similarities between Manson and Gaga because she’s seen as normal to some degree, but she hasn’t been since “Just Dance”. First of all she sells the same grotesque shock Manson does. Secondly people forget that Manson sells sex just as much as Gaga. Maybe not to myself, or 40 year old middle America housewives. But ask the girls that show up to Manson concerts with his name carved into their flesh still leaking fresh blood. And as for the meat dress, Gaga probably borrowed that from Manson’s closet. And lastly, they both are marketing geniuses with complete power over their fan bases. If you don’t believe me about Gaga, just look at the transgression through her career. She started as a pop singer selling sex. Then she dressed a little more weird and her fans ate it up. She named them her little monsters and now walks around shouting she was “born this way”. Well to that I say I bull shit. Because Gaga I’ve seen you on boiling points, and I remember the blue skimpy latex suit in the “Just Dance” video when you were more like Keisha than Manson. But, this new image sells, and everyone wants a piece of her, and i can’t help but love her power like I love Manson’s.

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