The Satchel Trend Alert

Backpacks Aren’t Limited to Students, Anymore.

Available @Urban Outfitters Now!

There was a time when I actually dreaded wearing a backpack. I was from the family who bought two backpacks— one for me, and one for my brother when we started first grade. That one lasted until about 5th grade when I finally sat my parents down and begged for a new sack. It was then that I realized the options were slim and my mom’s budget was even slimmer. It was between a purple jansport ( the cheapest one possible) or reverting to a creative carry-all— the oversized purse.

In an effort not to get sidetracked about how this plays into my obsession with bags, I’ll just say that I’m so pleased for the children today to have endless trendy backpack options for back to school year after year. What I love even more is that even though we’re out of school, the backpacks, courier bags and messengers available are so fashionable they’re socially acceptable as everyday cary-alls! Yahhooo!

Take a look at some of my favorite bags for this fall:

I’ll start with my absolute LUST bag—

Marc by Marc 'Classic Q' Leather Backpack {$458}

Gama-Go Birds Vegan Courier Bag {52}

What's not to love about a leather bag that is a lifetime investment piece? BAKPAK-M {$455}

From campus to corporate office, this stylish, lightweight bag is a cool way to carry books/files. {$98}

Made with jute burlap fabrics from recycled grain bags {$22}

The Ruck Bag avail @Asos

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Long Live Functional Fashion! 

With a satchel on my back and no school on my mind…

Elisa 549 Bronstein

3 Responses to “The Satchel Trend Alert”
  1. Cat says:

    Why can’t I find the rice burlap backpack?

  2. Hey Cat, Sorry about that!! Thanks for letting us know that link didn’t lead anywhere. That bag is offered on Ebay, which is one of my fave. resources for finding offbeat items like that bag. Below is the link to the same bag listed again. It has 3 days left and is a “Buy Now” for only $25!! Hope you can get there in time, it’s a great bag and a great deal! Let me know how it works out and I hope you find some other fun posts here!!

    Long live fashion!!


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