Breaking Bad Keeps Getting Better

By: Brian Yepez

We all feared for your life Jesse, even if for only a moment

It has been a trip to watch almost everyone in Walter White’s life transform themselves into two people.  Even the manipulative Gus has shown himself to have some compassion, at least I think so.  The Breaking Bad appeal is unrivaled making it greater than every other original series on AMC today.  Mad Men deals with the same type of cut throat business attitudes as are in Breaking Bad; but they don’t actually cut anyone’s throat now do they?

The newest episode “Shotgun” left me wondering where Jesse’s fate may lie.  Gus has begun manipulating a situation previously outside of his control and Jesse fell into his trap.  Skylar has now joined herself entirely and made peace with the fact her husband is a meth cook.  These two characters have now been forced to lead double-lives. Jesse is now an assistant to two people, but where will his loyalties end: with Walt, or Gus?  Walt may end up in some serious danger if Jesse doesn’t choose the former.

Jesse has begun to be groomed in preparation to either take over Gus’ hitman position, or more likely being taken away from Walt in order to create a rift and slowly dissolve their partnership leaving Jesse vulnerable for retaliation over Gale’s death.  It all becomes abundantly clear these characters have become invested in the survival of one another like never before.  New partnerships are being made while others seem to be struggling.  The show keeps throwing us around and has yet to become stagnant.

Having a show this creative and mind numbing on television these days is dangerous.  We all might end up a lot more street smart on AMC next Sunday night at 10.

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