Von’s Tape of the Week: Wale – The Eleven One Eleven Theory

By Juvone Freeman

MMG continues to keep things rolling through the summer and now Wale brings the fans The Eleven One Eleven Theory. Wale goes back to his roots a lot with this mixtape providing listeners with that poetic and DC go-go style while still delivering harder tracks like “Chainmusic” and “Globetrotters” featuring 2 Chains. The versatility of Wale was shown all through out this project, he goes from go-go songs like” Drums and S*** 1″ to songs for the ladies on “Mother Nature” and gives us those great sports songs that we all have grown to love about his style on songs like “Barry Sanders”  and “Pick Six.” Wale is and continues to prove that he is indeed a true example of Hip-Hop. The songs Wale makes are especially  relatable when he’s spitting about sports, athletes, relationships, and school situations. On “Varsity Blues” he says “Thank God for what I did with blocking against this shaky defense / They don’t think you a nigga as long as you fill up their bleachers / Yeah they always defend you, look how they say your name / But if you rupture a tendon I bet them feelings change.” Lines like this are situations that thousands of athletes can relate to and we hear about everyday.

This mixtape shows Wale’s growth from his debut album Attention Deficit and ability to really be one of a kind on his current MMG label. Wale’s style of music touches on many different aspects of life and sounds that many other rappers as of late aren’t messing with, which allows him to stand out as a young great in the game.

16. Varsity Blues

04. Chainmusic

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