Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 2011 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

By: Victor Olowojoba / @BIGVic978

10. DeSean Jackson

Jackson is one of the most exciting and dangerous players in the NFL. He has the ability to take any catch or run to the house and rack up plenty of yards and touchdowns. He benefits from being the number one target for Michael Vick and should be in for a big season especially since he will be playing for a new contract. You should be comfortable with Jackson as your number 1 receiver.

9. Dwayne Bowe

Bowe broke out last season finishing the year with a line of 72-1162-15. That put Bowe in the top three for fantasy wide receivers depending on what league you are in. While I do not expect Bowe to have that kind of year, I do think that he will have a very good one in an offense that has all the weapons to be one of the best in the AFC.

8. Reggie Wayne

Reggie Wayne has been a model of consistency since he entered the league and is the number one target for Peyton Manning. I expect nothing less than 80 catches, 1,000 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns. I would be more than happy to have Wayne as my number 1 receiver.

7. Vincent Jackson

V-Jax is back for a full year after missing 10 games last year because of contract disputes with the Chargers. Now he will be the number one receiver for Phillip Rivers and I expect them to both have unbelievable seasons. Jackson is a big, physical presense and Rivers will exploit the smaller cornerbacks in the red zone. I expect Jackson to have a career year.

6. Hakeem Nicks

Nicks is a beast and he will rack up plenty of fantasy points. Last year Nicks won me 2 games basically by himself and I will not hesistate to draft Nicks as high as round 2. The only reason I do not have him higher on this list is because the guys ahead of him have done it for multiple years. Manning will target Nicks early and often and you should be happy to him him on your team.

5. Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald has caught at least 90 catches in each of the last 5 seasons. He has done this with scrub after scrub at the quarterback position. (not including hall of famer Kurt Warner) This just shows you that he is targeted a lot and can produce no matter who is throwing him the ball. With a decent qb in Kevin Kolb at the helm, I expect the usual from Fitz, 90-1200-10.

4.Greg Jennings

Jennings is 4 on this list because he is the favorite and top target for the best quarterback in football. He also is very talented and can stretch defenses as well as come across the middle and run after the catch. Jennings is a complete wide receiver and should not slip past the second round.

3. Calvin Johnson

His nickname is Megatron. Need I say more?

2. Roddy White

White has been consistently one of the top receivers in the game for the last 3 years now always ending up in the top 5 stats for receivers. He is a lock for 90 catches and 1000 yards. He will also get a lot of touchdowns but may have a dip in that number with the addition of first round pick Julio Jones.

1. Andre Johnson

By far the best receiver in football. He is physical, fast and has some of the greatest hands in the game. He runs superb routes and is also a threat to go deep. The Texans had a top 5 passing attack last year and a big part of that is because they are throwing to Johnson most of the time. Expect Johnson to be the first receiver taken in your draft.


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