The Allies Release New Video

By Juvone Freeman

Bloody Bean Coalition’s The Allies (Juan Diablo and Manifest) teamed up with Phinelia and Usual Suspecktz member Shivaa to bring us Get On My S***,  a track off the upcoming mixtape from The Allies. This song has that hustlers grind feel to it. The video was shot in Lowell at SureFire studio and directed by Kyle Couture. The Allies have been on the rap scene in Boston for some time now and witihout a doubt stand out in the Hub. The duo has performed at numerous amounts of venues and worked with many artists such as the Usual Suspeckts ,The Greater Good, 211 Wallstreet, Letia Larock, DJ ON&ON, Surefire Music Group, Devamps, Leroi, Dezel Headbangersz, and more. The team as whole delievers Boston street music which  has a conceptual and theme thats driven with focus on lyrics and great production. Many artists and groups lack all the pieces to the puzzle that Bloody Bean Coalition has seemed to found and put together nicely.


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