Playing Catch Up; Pats Week 1 & 2 Is In The Books and The Pats Are 2-0

By Ryan Whitfield

Hey everyone, long time no talk. I was on a hiatus due to personal issues but Im back now and ready to go. The Pats have started off the season nicely but they have been far from perfect, at least on the defensive side of the ball. The offense Ill start talking about more next week once I catch up, but today its all about the defensive concerns, and the few positive notes we can take away from the first two games.

To point out the negatives we obviously have to address the amount of yards the team gave up, over 900 in the two games combined, and the average of 22.5 points per game. While the Pats D held miami to 2/12 on third down conversions they allowed them to be 4/5 on fourth down. That was followed this week by allowing the Chargers to go 12/14 on third Downs this past week.

However, for the bright side of things this defense has made to 4th and goal stops this season. Also they forced turnovers at key points this past week instead of picking up turnovers left on the ground for them like last season against the Chargers. Also in the first game aside from Chad Henney’s scrambling yards the pats held Miami Running Backs to just over 3 yards per carry. I think Dowling can be a stud this year and McCourty can improve and return to last years form. What this will allow the defense to do is be gutsy with their blitz’s and let Mayo go nuts like he did in the Pre-season game against the Buc’s. I think over the next four weeks we’ll se better coverage and some more blitz’s mixed in and around the seventh game is when we will see this defense with it’s full stunts, blitzes and playbook. Thats when we can fully start to judge if this D is good enough to improve on the past two seasons disappointing playoff departures.

On a side note, for anyone who knows me you know I love Deion Branch more than any player in the NFL. And with 15 catches for 222 yards in the first two weeks, his best first two games in a season ever, it’s time you get on board. It’s Branch Nation baby!

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