The Pats Down Dallas; Vintage Brady and Pats Defense Returns

By Ryan Whitfield

     It’s been a while since I can remember Brady having the ball in his hands in a two minute drill situation with the game on the line. Prior to 2007 I think that’s all I. and most likely all of you, though of when you thought about Brady. In 2007 we became the Colts from the early part of that decade, fast, finesse, no defense, record breaking, and professional choke artists in the post season. Rob Ryan, the last D-coordinator to hold New England to less the 30 points in the regular season, had Brady confused all day. Brady made some mistakes, two dreadful pics, and was sacked and hit a lot. But, with the game on the line Brady lead the Pats 78 yards in two minutes and nine seconds capitalized buy a bullet touchdown pass to Hernandez to take a 20-16 lead. Brady was 7-8 on the drive and just looked like vintage Brady on the field. I almost forgot how beautiful that is to watch.

       Even more important to take from this game and last weeks is the way the Patriots are winning. Last week the defense controlled a struggling and weak Jets offense. This week they controlled a high powered talented Cowboys offense. The Cowboys usually lose because Romo beats his own team, not today. The Pats had two take aways but more importantly one the game in the trenches for the second straight week. And this includes both sides of the ball. The Pats ran on Ryan’s defense more than any other team this season and last week Ben Jarvis had over 140 yards and a pair of touchdowns. The best thing about todays game was the fact that the Patriots one a game where the offense wasn’t prolific. In fact aside from two drives the offense was down right bad. This is how you win playoff football, and this team proved something to me today. The secondary, excluding Chung, still worries me. But this front 7 is better than it has been in years. Wilfork looks better than ever, Andre Carter is starting to come on, Haynesworth is showing sparks of life, and Brandon Spikes might just be growing in front of our eyes.

    This has been a big two weeks for the pats. It’s a long season and last year showed us what we need to be looking for and I think we have found it, but there will be more tests. With the Bills falling in The Meadowlands today against the Giants the Pats take back sole Possession of first in the AFC East. I do not have faith in the Bills. That is to say, I see them finishing 10-6 and getting knocked out in the Wild Card round. But taking the lead back early was a big step. Lastly, I may be being biased, but I still believe in Ocho Cinco. I think he can turn it on, and we need to see some signs after this bye week. He has two weeks now to just practice, study and get ready. Regardless, Hernandez is a budding star so maybe we wont even need him.

The Patriots take on the Steelers on the other side of the buy in Pittsburgh for another good AFC test.

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