Patriots Super Bowl 46 Key To Success Day #4

By Ryan Whitfield

    The fourth key is the Pat’s need a surprising performance from one of the following three players. I’ll start with the player everyone is talking about, and that I have zero faith in, Ocho Cinco. Ocho has a chance to change his season this weekend, and all it would take is one big play. One encouraging factor is that he did some talking this week, love it or hate it, when he talks he plays better. So hopefully some of that swagger will carry over to the field. I agree with what he said this week, that his skills are still there, he is smart, it’s clearly a confidence thing on the field. Hopefully the hype of the Super Bowl will notch his game up this week. Again I doubt it, but one big touchdown would change this around. And if you doubt his skills are still there *cough* Andy Gresch *cough* then I pose this question to you. Who has more skills left physically, Deion Branch or Ocho? Clearly Ocho. So Branch has 50+ catches and Ocho has 15? It doesn’t make sense, hopefully some confidence will turn it around for Ocho and make him a surprise performer on Sunday.

    The second player on this list is Danny Woodhead. Woodhead could really be vital in exposing a team with a great pass rush but weak in there back 7. Screen passes and delays will really pick up some yards and prevent the Giants from teeing off on Brady. Woodhead is a good player, but could play a vital role as a break out performer in this one.

     The third player is my personal favorite and I had to give him a plug here. Deion Branch could be an x factor in this game. He’s older, and his speed is not what it was when he won the Superbowl MVP years ago now. However, if covered one on one he can still beat people on the outside. I think early on they have to take shots down field to Branch and Ocho to stretch this defense and open up the middle of the field. Hit on one or two of these plays and he Pats could blow the door off of this game. I have next to zero respect for that secondary, aside from Webster, so this will be important for a Patriots victory.

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