Spring Trends Hit the Nail on the Head!

So, I’ve never been big into painting my own nails because there’s that awkward, left-hand syndrome which can leave you feeling camera shy about your latest paint job. And I don’t have the time or money to invest in a weekly or even bi-weekly visit to the nail salon to have someone paint them for me.

BUT I must admit, I always love seeing a woman with her nails painted. It seems to add an air of elegance. A simple sense of togetherness that no other accessory seems to do. So, below are this spring’s hottest color trends ( my top 3 color choices!).

Enjoy and I think nail polish is a great way to pull out of the dull winter blues on any budget!

Color me Beige!

New Neutrals are THE way to go!

Some magazines are calling them neutrals, others, beige, and my personal fave from Refinery 29, ” Foundation Nails.” Whatever you want to call them they are simply GORGE. I love the idea of high polished nails that seemingly blend in yet somehow stand out so much. They scream class, and elegance. So, give one a try today!

:Tangerine Dreams::

Mani/Pedi anyone?

Another amazing color option is Tangerine! The color is so high-intensity, so luscious and so bright it’s hard to ignore and even harder to resist! It will brighten up any outfit, any day and is sure to catch someone’s attention. Consider using a nice high gloss topcoat to really amp things up. Just imagine once your summer tan is in full swing how amazing this color will look against the skin?!

 Pastel Pistachio!

In accordance with the other color trends for the season, the pastel pistachio is simple all the rage. With its refreshing almost mint hues to its pop of unexpected shades of spring green, you will be mistakened for a TRUE fashionista with this accent nail color. I can picture it now with flowy lace dresses and strappy sandals for spring. It’s a great color that anyone can wear and that everyone will comment on.

Welcome to your best-dressed nail season yet! With any of these color combos you will feel great, look great and feel so refreshed! It’s the most affordable way to stay on trend! Happy painting, everyone.

Elisa Bronstein

Fashionista Extraordinaire

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