Heartbreak in Indy, Eli Takes The Pat’s Down in The Fourth Again

By Ryan Whitfield

     Happy, Angry, and Sad. The three emotions I ran through in the fourth quarter of last nights disappointing defeat. Our defense played great so I tip my hat to them. And overall Brady and the offense played well against a good defense in a game where the time of possession was held to just 23 minutes. And in the end, had Brady and Welker connected on a second down pass they could’ve bled the clock (only four minutes remained) and/or could’ve gone up by 9. In any case the Patriots again lost, but this team had flaws. I am not going back on anything I have said, but I stand bye that with a few more players this team can reach that next level, championship caliber. They need an outside receiver, a pure pass rusher, and either a shut down Safety or corner. I still love Sterling Moores play, and I think him and Arrington can be the 2 and 3 guy with a good number 1 player.

    I will get into Free Agents, draft moves etc. later this month. But as far as last night, they could have won as I explained earlier. However, it was a hard fought game and I can’t fault them. They do need some defensive players though. Last night they didn’t have a single 3 and out. As a result the Offense again only had the ball for 23 minutes, and their average starting field position was their own 16. As far as the way the offense was run I have one thing to say, Penn State can have O’Brien, I am so done with him. He’s like a mix of all of the great Patriot Offensive Coordinators, and Brian Shottenheimer. He get’s real crafty and creative and then will all of a sudden come back with some play calls from the 1970’s. After getting up 8 points last night we come out with a power site, including our FB Polite, and run the ball, play action and then get sacked on a third and long. Yes O’Brien way to step on their throats and take control. And then, and I have voiced this complaint all season, he refuses to call a screen pass. Last night I chocked on my adult beverage when they ran a screen to Green-Ellis. The play worked for a 9 yard gain. That is because you run screens to counter an aggressive pass rush. But like any intelligent man O’Brien decided well if it works, I should stay away from it for the rest of the game and he did. Now to be clear I do not put this game solely on his shoulders, in fact I don’t blame anyone. The Pats fought to the wire and almost squeaked it out. Again, they could’ve sealed the game on Welkers drop. or Brady’s bad throw depends who you ask, with 4 minutes to go. But they didn’t and it was a game that could have gone either way as painful as it ended.

     So Patriots fans, heres something to hang our hats on. Since 2007 we have been rebuilding our nucleus especially on defense. This group lost in the Wildcard round in 09, the divisional round in 2010 and The Super Bowl this year. The core is getting better, and we are just a few pieces away from being dominant, and I’ll adress that later this month. Until then, thank God it’s Hockey season. And now that this post is done I’m going back to 07 trama mode and pretending last night never happened either.

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