Color Report 2012

Don’t Walk, Dance into Spring 2012!

 One of my favorite things in the world is color (funny because I wear mostly neutrals and black!). I love how it can change a mood, change a room, alter an experience entirely.

I love how one shade makes such a difference. How one hue can ruin it all. I love figuring out which colors work so effortlessly well together while others push things to the limit. I love how certain people gravitate to certain shades or colors in general while others steer clear. I love how each season in fashion brings on a flurry of color reports for us to all feast our eyes on and then soon after, our wallets.

This spring is no different than spring’s past. Pantone, the trusted color resource for all fashion and home endeavors, has released it’s color report.

It’s best said in pictures so I will give you their full report and then any tips will be in another post completely. For now, enjoy the excitement of color to follow!

Must-have Colors: 

Tangerine Tango  Solar Power     Bellflower   Margarita   Cabaret  Driftwood   Sweet Lilac   Starfish  Cockatoo  Sodalite Blue 

How to wear: Tangerine Tango

Tangerine is a refreshing,uplifting color sure to add pizazz to any outfit this season.

Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Orange ( 169.99 modcloth)


No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton (110.00 jcrew)

Coral Me Mine Top (39.99 modcloth

How to wear: Sodalite Blue

A classic maritime hue brings anchor to your spring fashion ship. Think calm, order and collectiveness.

Gingham Short (54.50 jcrew)


How to wear: Solar Power

Summer Squash Travel Bag (62.99 modcloth)

Tart and Soul Dress ( 67.99 modcloth)

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One Response to “Color Report 2012”
  1. Tangerine Orange!!! Looking for a fabulous clutch that color as we speak! I also love the mint green color too! xo Kimberly

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