DRIVE Movie Review

Normally I try to pick a movie that is new in theaters, but I just could not help myself after watching drive three times in a week and a half. I asked around, and I began to realize that a lot of people seemed to miss it when it was in theaters, and seem to have forgotten about it. I think that it deserves to recognized as it has become one of my favorite movies. If people are still questioning whether or not they should watch it, then I want to convince them to watch it.

Drive is not an action movie, and you definitely cannot go into the movie thinking that. At its most basic and it’s most complex level, Drive is a love story. The story of getaway driver and his attempt to help out his neighbor is one that may seem boring, but will resonate with you. The love story in it makes it all the better, giving it an element that a lot of modern films forget. Ryan Gosling’s character is a completely different type compared to others, and it makes for an excellent feel to the whole movie. Filled with power, emotional scenes, and interspersed with great action sequences, Drive has something for everybody. Ryan Gosling’s performance, though done with very few lines, is incredible. Everyone else is on par with him, making the movie absolutely amazing. It truly is a beautiful film. The soundtrack adds to the entire film, too. A great soundtrack always adds to a movie, and drive had a fantastic soundtrack. It gives the movie a great 80’s feel, that just makes the film seem right.

It has definitely made it into one of my favorite movie lists, and I have already purchased my bluray copy of it. I recommend  this film to any movie watcher. There is something in there for everybody, I can promise you that. For anyone who missed it in the theaters, or is blowing off renting it, I strongly encourage you to get it.

By Toby Gray

2 Responses to “DRIVE Movie Review”
  1. Alyssa says:

    Thanks for the great review! I forgot this movie even came out, and as a huge Ryan Gosling fan, am quite disappointed in myself for not checking it out sooner. With the prices of movie tickets and my hectic life schedule sometimes these things just slip my mind, so after reading your review, I’m definitely convinced to finally renting it. I have also read a few other reviews indicating the soundtrack is pretty awesome as well, so now I’m even more convinced in seeing it, lol. Good thing I just signed up for the Blockbuster @Home package through my Dish subscription because with that I’ll be able to add Drive to the top of my mailing queue and get it in the next day or two. A couple of my co-workers at Dish also recommended I check out The Ides of March, since Ryan is in that as well, do you have an opinions on that movie?

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