5 Ways to Take your Wardrobe into Spring

Bold Earrings:

While statement jewelry in general is still very “in,” large, noticeable earrings are really where fashionistas are spending their money. In an effort to stay low on budget since this IS just a trend, check out  Stella and Dot, Nordstrom and other fashion jewelry retails who are likely to bring in earring with a lot of look and not a lot of pricetag!

AZURE COUTURE EARRINGS Stella & Dot ($79.00)

Perfect Pastels

After a winter full of often dark overcoats and hats and scarves, a great way to get into the swing of Spring is to lighten up with pastels. Whether you opt for muted shades on top or bottom, they are so to freshen up your look for this season. I happen to love that colored pants are trending so if you’re daring enough to do it, go for the pants!

Toothpick jean in Persimmon ($108.00)

Wonderfully Wild All-Over Print

This is the only tip I’ve opted to list that simply WILL NOT work for everyone. This is the daring do-er look for spring. If you think you’ve managed to find two all-over prints that work swimmingly together, then hey, go for it. If not try


Think Pink

In direct opposition to the pastel trend, adding a touch of hot pink or say, an entire dress in pink to your look this spring will bring your right on trend. I chose this blazer because they are the perfect transition wardrobe piece. Roll up the sleeves, layer it with a t-shirt for an oh-so- fashionable day look and put over a skin-tight sparkle dress for evening. Get the look for less at Forever 21!

Linen-Blend Open Jacket ($27.99 Forever 21)

Pretty as a Peplum

Nothing says spring like feminine touches. And in my book, NOTHING says feminine touches like a peplum accent to any skirt or dress. Check out fast fashion stores like H&M,Zara and Forever 21 for affordable pieces that will amp up your Spring style instanty.

Penchant for Elegance Dress ( 64.99 Modcloth.com)

Elisa Bronstein

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