54th Annual Grammy Awards Fashion Recap

Red Carpet Recap- The Good the Bad and the Ugly!


The Grammy’s have somehow become one of the most wild-dressed awards show of the year. I rather enjoy this, most of the time. This year was no different. With a range of designers, and funky styles donning the red carpet, here’s my most notable looks (good and bad!)

“Slit” this in the bud.

Amber Rose

Anne V showing too much for anything out of the boudoir.

This look does nothing for her natural beauty.

Bare Essentials

Kathy Griffin sports a one shouldered beige look

Taylor Swift steps out in a veryy beautiful nude gown.

The Wildly Terrible

Nicki Minaj and Guest...WTF

Robyn...Two letters: NO

Great silhouette, terrible excuse for a dress!

Color me Wonderful

Katy Perry can seriously rock a colored "do"

You GO GIRL, lovin the lavender:)

I Like it, But…

I like the look but the shoes make her look disproportioned!

Love the dress, but I can't stand her.

Noteworthy Men’s Looks

Great styling on Bruno Mars!!

LL stayed SO cool in this look!

Common's look is ANYTHING but!

That wraps up this year’s Grammy fashion recap!!

Elisa Bronstein

Fashionista Extraordinaire

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2 Responses to “54th Annual Grammy Awards Fashion Recap”
  1. Solipsism Dreams says:

    taylor swift looked so beautiful!


    Loretta xx

  2. Thanks for weighing in Loretta!! I thought she looked age-appropriate and simply stunning!! Hope to hear from you more:)


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