Ten Fashion Fads I Hope Never Come Back!

We’ve all been there. Looking back through old photos, old magazines and remembering the terrible, atrocious fashion debaucheries we all managed to pull off “back then.” Well I’ve decided to compile a list of my all-time Fashion No-No’s that I hope and pray are gone forever.

Socks with Sport Sandals.


LED Belt Buckles.


 Platform Sneakers.

I owned this exact pair. I later burned them.

The Fanny Pack.

I will never accept the fanny.


Ed Hardy.

Sorry Jon Gosselin, It's just NOT a good look.

See-thru Leggings.

C'mon ladies~

Pockets-revealed Short Shorts.

Why don't you just wear underwear?

 Uggs with Shorts/Skirts.

Chances are, if it's warm enough to wear shorts, you don't need sherpa lined boots.

Juicy Couture Jumpsuits.

What could've been a cute play on words just wasn't.


Gardener's Dream. Fashionista's Nightmare.


Elisa Bronstein

Fashionista Extraordinaire

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One Response to “Ten Fashion Fads I Hope Never Come Back!”
  1. Solipsism Dreams says:

    totally agree with you!


    Loretta xx

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