Metallic Madness

I’ve never been one to gravitate to metallics but I tend to appreciate them on others. I appreciate a good metallic accent with a night look usually on someone else.

However, I simply cannot deny how many new things are coming out in metallic that I actually sorta LOVE!

So, here is a fun mix of my fave items for the upcoming spring/summer 2012 season that are sure to keep you all glitzed up!


These are a great option because they are a subtle way to bring just a bit of glitz to your daily regime. They are highly understated, super comfy and would look so adorable paired with jean shorts and a flowy tank in the summer. Oh, nevermind the fact that I love this brand and what they do for the world. Go Toms.

$128 Silk Marlice Popover Blouse

This shirt is so great. It’s got that true day-night potential with buttons and a roll-up sleeve option. It’s metallic without being in-your-face and yet flashy enough to demand attention..a total win-win.

$278 Ralph Lauren Metallic Python Embossed Bag

If I had to chose an everyday glitz bag this would definitely be it. It’s classy, classic and still super on-trend. Ralph Lauren pulls his ever-classic design into one highly coveted bag with python, metallic and structure…three keys to true style success this season.

Only $32 from the Maebella Metallic Clutch

This would be a simply fab. choice for an evening bag. It’s got enticing angles, a mix of metallics for ease of matching to many different outfits and will sparkle wonderfully on the dance floor!

A mere $4.50 will get you glammed up from

Not ready to commit to an entire outfit based on metallic? I understand…so does this adorable thin belt from asos. Add a thin belt to a pair of high waisted pants, as the break-up between your high-waisted pencil skirt and your tank, or around a flowy dress for spring. It will add a hint of glitz without breaking your budget or your confidence!

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