Bruins End Road Trip on 3 Game Point Streak, Trade Deadline Looms

By Ryan Whitfield

     Maybe I’m looking for the silver lining here, maybe I’m forgiving this slump because of the way last season ended, our maybe, just maybe, the Bruins might be pulling through this slump. It has been well documented that the Bruins have not pieced together a win streak of 2 games since January 10th and 12th. However, the last three games of their road trip the Bruins picked up 5 points and began a 3 game point streak. More importantly, the Bruins have seemed to turn the corner with their play. We all know the offense is suffering with Horton and Peverley out. Peverley isn’t expected back for another month plus, and Horton is a huge question after suffering his second concussion in less than a year. Bought the final three games of this stretch showed some more important things to me. First the Bruins now have a 3 point lead on The Senators with 4 games in hand. Secondly the second line, the best line got going. Third Krejci has woken up, he has played tough, including a massive check against the Blues that led to a goal, and his compete level has been there again. Fourth the goal tending has seemed to rebound a bit. I know Thomas gave up to late goals last night but those were two tough angle, sick one timers. Lastly the Bruins fought through some adversity. Despite the two injuries previously noted the Bruins have also dealt with Thorton struggling with the flu, and a scary hit to Boychuck last night. Boychuck’s status will be more known tomorrow, but the Bruins did send one of their young defensemen back to Providence today, a move that points to Boychuck being okay.

    So where do we go from here? The trade deadline is tomorrow and the Bruins have not made a move despite the two significant injuries. I am not part of the party that thinks the Bruins need to make a play for a defensemen. We have the same guys 1-5 as last year and traded Kaberle for Corvo. Corvo has been up and down and a liability at points, but he is without a doubt an upgrade from Kaberle last year. I do not think we should Krecji, unlike a lot of people. Krejci is a great playoff player, and he fits in the chemistry off this team. For those of you who put little stock in chemistry, just look at the other team who plays at The Garden’s season last year. We need to get an offensive player whose skill set can help fill the void of Horton and Peverley. If the deal includes Krecji you’re then looking to fill the void on 3 missing offensive players. Best case scenario is they both come back and we move Polliout down to Providence. Unlike most teams, the chemistry of our fourth line is one you do not break up so moving Benoit down is not an option. Heres the deal folks, this is not a new opinion but I have some perspective all my own for it. Trade Tuukka Rask. Tuka is a good goalie, but I have not been sold on him. He is the same goalie who blew a three game lead in the 2010 playoffs. He seems to make a lot of spectacular stops but never in the clutch. For example, he gave up 2 goals in 4 shots against the Sabres offense the other night, and gave up 2 of 3 after Krejci put them up in the first round of the shootout. The Bruins should trade for Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils. Parise has scored 52 points in 61 games with 23 goals and 29 assists. Brodeur is getting older and Tuukka could help them in the future. Parise would give a spark to this offense and ready them for the playoffs. I am not sold that Rask is the goalie of the future, and I think Thomas has another good year left. That gives the Bruins over a year and a half to find a Rask replacement to move forward. It’s a risk, but one I find necessary. With that being said, I think we can make a run either way, and I would be fine with Rask staying. But if you are to make a move i do that one right there. Hopefully, NY doesn’t land Nash however, because that is a scary proposition.

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