Review Of Brave Trailers

I want to mix it up this time, and try something a little bit different. I haven’t been out to the movies lately (frankly, there has been nothing I have been interested in), so I wanted to take some time to address the recent trailers that have been coming out for Pixar’s new film Brave.

Brave is the story of a princess who defies the norm in her town. A girl who refuses to accept the fact that she is a woman and therefore cannot do everything that a man can. The fact that this issue is being tackled in a Pixar movie is simply incredible. Recently, Tangled attempted to show the independence a woman can have, but it showed stereotypical values of “Disney Princess Stories” that basically all say that women need a man to survive. Brave seems to take this in a different direction by saying that women can be completely independent. I think that this is something that all people should see, and understand. Disney portrays week and relatively ineffective women to the younger generation, and it seems that Brave could offer something different to the girls of the future.


Aside from the feminist issues, I think that Brave has some serious potential. Pixar films have never failed at being appealing to all audiences, whether child or adult, and the animation looks simply amazing. From the trailers, it looks pristine. Sure, it has been done before, but I am always shocked by how far animation has come and by just how good it can look. A good plot, good issues being addressed, and a good looking film sound to me like they add up to all be a great film. I’ll be there on June 22 to make sure I catch this one and get a full review on it.

The Lorax comes out on March 2, and I will be seeing it on March 2, so expect a review shortly after!

By Toby Gray

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