Top Ten Live Rock Performances: #10- Senses Fail at Taste of Chaos 2005

By Ryan Whitfield

    There are two things I have to preface this article with. First if you know me, you know I love me some Senses Fail, and I view them as one of the most underrated and over looked bands in the past 10 years. Second of all I romanticize about Drive Thru records from around the 2004 era when bands like Senses Fail were the kings over there. With all of that said, this was a great live performance. Buddy, Senses Fail’s lead singer, is notorious for not being very good live, however on this date of the Taste Of Chaos tour in New Jersey in 2005 Buddy had a relatively good day. The one thing about Senses Fail is they always bring energy live. They are a screamo band for sure, but they bring along the sing-a-along atmosphere of the emo bands and the ruckus of Metal-core bands. At the time, “Bloody Romance” was a song that helped rocket Senses Fail to the next level, and “The Irony of Dying on Your Birthday” was a a huge song off of their new album, “Let It Enfold You”. Enjoy the videos, and keep it here for the next 9 days as we finish the countdown.

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