Senses Fail “The Fire”

By Ryan Whitfield

    So this album has been out for almost a year and a half, but I was sleeping on it, I’m not going to lie. With the announcement that these guys would be playing Warped Tour this year it pushed me to finally listen to their newest release since I’ve loved them since 03′. As most of you know at this point, I am very resistent to the music that has come out the last 5 years, yes, stubborn and like an old mean at 23, I digress. As I sat here and listened to “The Fire” tonight I’m again reminded of two things. 1. I need to stop shutting myself off of to the scene post 2007-2008. 2. I love this fricken band, and always will.

    One thing I still do know is that there are people far more stubborn with music than I. One thing that has always driven me nuts is the resistance to a bands evolution. “The Fire” is a far different album then “Life is Not a Waiting Room” and even further from the classic “From The Depths of Dreams EP”. Still, there is a pure Senses Fail element, there’s just a strong overtone of a band that has grown, changed and survived. There are not many bands these days that survive for a decade plus, especially ones that were playing Warped Tour before they could vote. Senses Fail burst onto the scene as the emo scene was blowing up earlier this millenium. They were whinny, edgy, and pushing towards their progression into Screamo. Their second release was “Let It Enfold You”. This album was laced with cliches, melodramatic, but a thrill ride none the less. The next album was “Still Searching” might be one of my favorite Rock Albums of all time. The song leaped them from a whiny Screamo band to an established edgy group of true artists. The album told a story, told of true turmoil, and gave an honest look into Buddy’s battle with depression and anti-depressant, an issue rarely heard about in music. “Life is Not a Waiting Room” was another solid release but in part seemed like an extension of “Still Searching”. However songs like “Family Tradition” brought in a much larger sound then the band had ever captured.

    So this brings us to “The Fire”. I must say in the interest of being honest and unbiased the two singles “New years Ever” and the title track “The Fire” are nothing special, and seem like safe bland songs chosen to gain mass attention. Aside from that though, this could be the best release to date from one of my favorite bands. The meat under the cheesy singles on this album are some of the most intense, honest, and wonderful songs I have ever heard. “Headed West”, “Safe House”, and “Nero” are practically perfect. The band achieved the sound they were looking for by stripping the songs of two many over dubs and going with Live drums for the whole album. The overall album sounds like an honest, larger than life, truly Senses Fail album. Buddy’s voice is distinguishable as ever, the riffs are the atmospheric ones we love, and the Drums are as talented and arena filling as we’ve come to expect. If you’re like me and slept on this album, it’s time to wake up. Senses Fail has arrived on hollowed ground by becoming a band that has survived, which is no easy feat these days. With Warped tour on the way this summer, there seems to be no slowing down in these seasoned veterans, so don’t miss out on what the future will hold.

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