Bruins Endure Another Disappointing Weekend

By Ryan Whitfield

     I hate being the fan that sounds like he has a losers lament, or that he’s making excuses. With that said, God please can the Bruins catch a break. I know longer know who have of the guys on the ice are with all of the Bruins injuries. It’s getting ridiculous out there. With that said there is actually a lot to be encouraged with. I think as a whole this team is playing better. They are playing aggressive, physical and the offense is starting to come back. And two major bright spots are Krejci and Caron. If Caron can build on this seemingly budding confidence, and his talent that is coming together then he can be a key piece for this team come April. Krecji has now scored 6 goals in the last 7 games and is hitting his post season stride just like yours truly said he would back at the trade deadline.

    It’s not all roses right now though, as you all know. The Bruins are still struggling to consistently win right now. The Bruins lead is down to 2 points over Ottawa with two in hand. Due to injuries the emergency man himself, Whitfield has been yet again called up (no relation). But the injuries from this weekend appeared minor in nature and Peverly should still be back soon, and Rask ready for the post-season. I do not buy into this Joe Haggerty theory that this is the price of last years grueling season. Whats going on right now is simple enough. Thomas is running on fumes at 38 and Claude for the first time since pre-cup is struggling to find his cajones. Thoms will be fine for the post season, but not if the consecutive game streak keeps up, which I believe is now at 9 games. Enough is enough. A lot of people have argued, I swear they have this is not a straw man argument, that we should not slip into 7 by coughing the division up to Ottawa. These people claim that handing Rask’s work load to Turrco will cause this. Ludicrous. With as worn down as Thomas is were better of forfeiting all of the games Rask would have started to have a well rested Timmy for his starts. I don’t care if Marty can’t get it done and gets shelled. The goal here is to have Thomas ready to go on his nights and get into a grove heading into the playoffs. I would have sat him on Saturday and then played him Sunday, but instead he played back to back and coughed up three first period goals and that was all she wrote. Look Claude, sit Thomas out the next two against Tampa and Florida and have him ready to go against Philly. He needs rest, sit him, trust your waiver wire pick up and lets get ready for April.

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2 Responses to “Bruins Endure Another Disappointing Weekend”
  1. Still a powerful team. Hopefully they can bounce back

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