The Descendants Transcends

The Descendants just came to my local theater, so I only recently had a chance to go see it. And boy am I glad that I did take the chance. The Descendants was incredible from the beginning due not too much to the story, but more to the amazing acting performances that were displayed.

The Descendants is the story of Matt King (George Clooney) and his struggle to deal with multiple overwhelming things at the same time including his wife in a life threatening coma, finding out his wife was cheating on him, figuring out what to do with a large amount of land that his family owns in Hawaii, and trying to reconnect with his daughters. With this, we watch as Matt attempts to make everything right in his life. The story was a good one, yes, but what really brought it out was George Clooney’s Academy Award nominated role. He was not just good, he was this man. He was able to display the perfect blend of hatred, love, grief, confusion, and every other emotion that was thrown at him. It was completely believable that he was Matt King. His performance would not have been as powerful if it had not been for the cast that he worked with. While I did find them annoying at times, I soon came to realize that I was watching an eight year old and a seventeen year old, so I think it was perfectly clear why I was slightly annoyed.

The movie itself could get a little slow at times for some people, but  I found it to be just right. I believe that when a movie can be so straight forward and be so interesting and still be fantastic, that is when a truly good film is made. However, it may not be some people’s types. For me, it was the perfect blend of comedy, and drama. Enough comedy to make you believe that it was life and not scripted, and enough drama to know that it was nothing but a serious film. I also must applaud the fact that there were so many different plot lines that were all given the needed attention. Some movies try to take on too much, and this film had the potential to do it, but it did not at all. It succeeded in conveying everything that needed to be conveyed.

The Descendants was an incredible film, and I recommend it to all readers. I will say that some may find it slow, but I think that if you look past that to the brilliance that lies within, you will see just how good this film is. So, go out and see it and enjoy!

By Toby Gray

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