Kony 2012

By Ryan Whitfield

    The elitist attitudes of my generation make me laugh. Since this video has been launched it was at first just everywhere, and now I have seen it a bunch posted by uppity people making comments like “I love how everyone now is a social activist” and “Saw a 30 minute video online, now I’m a social activist”. The idea behind this campaign was to gain support and to gain it from people who usually aren’t paying attention. It is an important issue, and at the end of the day the more people talking and spreading this message the bigger the impact will be. Thats the reason there was a youtube video made in the first place. With that said, we wanted to do our part here and post the video. Some other ideas on this subject are swirling in my head but we’ll get to those later. For now watch this video if you haven’t yet, re watch it if you have, and spread it everywhere you can.

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