Across The Spectrum: Week 2

This week stretches across the metal genre. I was sitting around thinking about what I’d been listening to this past week…and for a moment I had to laugh. I would never have considered myself a metal fan when I was younger, but recently, within the last year or so, I’ve come to find a deep appreciation for it. Below is what I consider to be a fair representation of metal in its entirety (obviously not including every nook and cranny), but enough to canvas a good amount of the differences. This is what has been driving me for the past couple weeks! Enjoy and be brutal.

“Ghost Walking”
Lamb of God

“No Funeral”
Chaos of Forms

“Hair Trigger”
Protest The Hero

“Wage Slave (preview track)”
Lich King
Born of the Bomb

“Song of Solomon”
Animals as Leaders
Self Titled

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