B-elieve; Could Saturdays Win Be The Game To Get Boston Back On Track?

By Ryan Whitfield

    I’m not one to over react to a single game typically. But I have been saying for weeks now that this is a resilient team and though I am concerned with Tim Thomas I know they can snap out of it. Well for the first time in about 3 weeks, we can say this was a good weekend for Boston. It started with Friday night into Saturday Morning the Bruins losing their lead on the division to Ottawa and falling all of the way to 7th place. This was rock bottom, and there was no where to go but up. Well I can say that now, but truthfully Saturday morning I started to lose the faith. However The B’s had an impressive win against Philly, followed by an Ottawa lose to the lowly Maple leafs and the Bruins end the weekend up a point with 2 in hand. Now the Bruins have a matchup against Toronto tomorrow night and they should win. On the whole it seems that the Sens missed a huge opportunity to stay atop the division and now time is running out.

    As for the actual game Saturday, there was a ton of great things to pull out of it. Wether it be the competition of the Flyers on Saturday, or the reality that this poor play had now cost the team the division lead, the Bruins proved what I have been saying, when the stakes are high, they can bring it. And bring it they did. They played responsibly defensively, holding Philly shotless for the first 8 minutes. Tim Thomas had some big time stops in key spots and the team played energized and physical. They brought the nasty too with a couple of fights. It was a good game to watch, but Thomas does still need some rest. After grabbing an early two goal lead with goals for Chris Kelly and Tyler Seguin the Bruins coughed up two and found themselves in a shoot out. Bergeron netted his third round attempt and Thomas followed it up with the only save for either side in the shoot out in pretty spectacular fashion. I would prefer Timmy make two stops there but I won’t get picky, he made the one he needed to and this shoot out had pretty goals from both sides. At the end of the day the B’s are now 8-2 in shoot outs this year, Thomas is a perfect 6-0. I have to give Claude some credit too for having the guys ready to play and for benching Corvo who has become a defensive liability. The Bruins need to be ready to go tomorrow. Follow along with us on twitter @rescuemusicent.

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